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You can submit your own Offer in Compromise, just follow these simple steps...

It is true! You can drastically reduce your tax debt to the IRS by using an Offer in Compromise. However, it is not as easy as marketed by tax law firms and tax debt reduction companies. The qualifications can be tough and it is a lot of work. But you can do it yourself. This website is dedicated to help taxpayers resolve their debt with the IRS.

How to apply for an IRS Offer in Compromise

  1. Prepare an IRS Form 433-A with all you financial information.
  2. Calculate if you qualify for an Offer in Compromise and determine you offer amount.
  3. Complete the IRS 656 Offer in Compromise Form.
  4. Send the completed forms with the appropriate financial information to the IRS with a check for 20% of your offer amount plus an application fee of $186.

Use our Free Offer in Compromise Calcuator to determine how much you can reduce your IRS tax debt with and Offer in Compromise.

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